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Steggcal & applications in animal feeds

Schaffelaarbos produces a variation called Steggcal F for use in animal feeds. Steggcal® F is a safe source of calcium for animals. Strict protocols are observed and every shipment is inspected for Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae.

The mixed feed industry is a very demanding industry. Every raw material must contribute to a low feed conversion, healthy, productive animals and a competitive price. Steggcal F meets these criteria. Research has provided proof of this for calves, piglets, broilers and laying hens.

For applications in liquid feed and calf milk, Schaffelaarbos also supplies Steggcal F ground to a specified fineness. Special grinding techniques ensure low ferrous content, important for white meat production.

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Replace the chalk in the chicken feed by Steggcal® F for:

Higher production
Stonger eggshells
More salable eggs
Better VC
Less cannibalism
Positive influence on the intestinal flora
Steggcal® F contains antibacterial substances
and is environmentally friendly

More information on research and experiences with Steggcal F in laying hens.

Click here for the Nutrients Matrix of Steggcal® F. Product specifications and Feed Safety Data Sheet can be requested via e-mail.

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