Terug naar het startscherm met de hele fabriek.
Terug naar het startscherm met de hele fabriek.

Steggcal & applications in the human sector

At the moment, many applications in the human sector are in development.


Synthetic materials are used in various products such as bath and shower products, ointments and creams. When these end up in our surface water and ultimately in the ocean, they can create a suffocating film on the bottom that gunks up life on the ocean floor.

Steggcal in a finely ground section is an excellent replacement for silica without environmental damage. It is absorbed into the natural cycle in the environment, whether in soil or water.


Source of calcium
Since human metabolism is not all that different from that of other mammals, it can be assumed that the high bioavailability of calcium from Steggcal applies to humans as well.

Steggcal is a source of calcium with added benefit of such substances as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronan, substances that contribute to improved immunity.

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