Terug naar het startscherm met de hele fabriek.
Terug naar het startscherm met de hele fabriek.

Research and experiences with Steggcal F


Schaffelaarbos recognised early that egg shells have more in them than just calcium carbonate.

Steggcal, the basic egg shell product of Schaffelaarbos, contains 6% protein from the membrane, the dried contents of the egg and the egg white from the shell.  Schaffelaarbos determined the amino acids of this egg white. A complete nutrient matrix has been drawn up. The matrix does not say anything about the health-promoting substances, however.

The most importants substances are:
Ovocalyxine Lysozyme Hyaluronan Glycosaminoglycan Ovotransferrin

At the start of this century, the protein Ovocalyxine was detected and studied. It is part of the defense mechanism of the egg to protect the embryo. Ovocalyxine is part of the protein matrix in which the calcium carbonate is deposited.

Also called muramidase, these are enzymes that damage the wall of a bacterium. It slows the growth of harmful bacteria. Approximately 0.38% Lysozyme is found in whole egg. Converted into whole egg powder, this is approximately 15 g/kg.

This is also found in the egg membrane. It has wound-healing properties. Commercially produced hyaluronan is used against skin aging and for injections into painful joints.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are part of this group that have been found in the egg membrane. Patients with arthritis can benefit from these.

This special protein in the egg binds iron and ensures that the growing embryo does not have any iron deficiency at the cellular level. But it does more than that! It has a clearly proven inhibiting effect on bacteria and the Marek virus. Whole egg has 2 g/kg, converted into egg powder this is over 8.3 g/kg.

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Schaffelaarbos had a literature study performed into the composition and properties of egg shells and egg shell membrane. You can request this via e-mail

So as to determine that the calcium from Steggcal has good bioavailability for pets and farm animals and whether there are possible added effects from the special substances, Schaffelaarbos had various tests done with laying hens, broilers and pigs.

Proeven met gespeende biggen

Newly weaned piglets were followed for 2 weeks in 3 rounds. Fine-grained limestone as a source of calcium in the feed was compared with Steggcal F. No differences were found between for growth, food absorption and feed conversion. The manure of the Steggcal group proved to be more consistent.

Buffer capacity
For weaned piglets, the buffer capacity of the feed is important because they have difficulty keeping the stomach sufficiently acidic. That is why we compared the buffer capacity of Steggcal with fine-grained limestone. Because grinding fineness plays a role here, Steggcal F was ground and sifted and the 0.2-0.5 mm portion was compared with limestone of the same coarseness. The buffering capacity of Steggcal was substantially lower.

The conclusion is that Steggcal F is an excellent source of calcium for laying hens, broilers and pigs. You can also conclude from this that Steggcal F is a good source of calcium for all animals. In addition, there are strong indications that Steggcal F has a positive influence on intestinal health and that it has a positive effect on the laying percentage of older hens.

You can request test reports via e-mail.

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