Terug naar het startscherm met de hele fabriek.
Terug naar het startscherm met de hele fabriek.

Research and experiences with egg powders

When egg powder is used just for its nutritional value, you are short-changing the product. There is more in egg powders than just good available energy and excellent proteins. In animal feed tests and literature research, Schaffelaarbos has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the possible applications and effects of whole egg powders in animal feed. Then you see that the extraordinary components the egg contains have an effect on the animal’s immunity.

    Key substances:
  • Immunoglobulin Y [info]
  • Ovotransferrin [info]
  • Lysozyme [ info]


Feed tests with egg powder
A literature study readily yields various reports of tests with egg powder in animal feed. For example, whole egg powder was part of a test with pigs who were given different types of dried blood plasma and whole egg powder, and the egg powder performed equally well.

Tests were also done at the University of Guelph in Canada with immunised and non-immunised powdered yolk in hens artificially infected with Salmonella E. The non-immunized powdered yolk performed the best.

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Schaffelaarbos also conducted tests with whole egg powder in broilers. A dose of 5% egg powder yielded better growth and feed conversion, especially when given in the first 14 days. The test reports are available upon request via email.

Practical experience with powdered egg
In practice, egg powder appears to have a positive influence on the immunity of young animals, even in low dosages. That is the experience of veal and poultry farmers.

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