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Product information Egg Powder Feed


Schaffelaarbos whole egg powder (feed grade) is a spray-dried technical whole egg powder.

For better flowing properties, free flowing egg powders is a product that is available. The product is also available in 4 mm pellet form. The pellets have a bulk density of 640 kg/cubic m. compared to the bulk density of the powder of 350 kg/cubic m. The primary benefit of pellets is the flowing properties. This form is used mainly by buyers who want to store the product in silos. The powdered eggs can also be supplied in a mixture with other dry additives, mixed precisely and according to specifications, at your request. Egg powder is a special product. It contains a substantial proportion of immunoglobulin that stimulates the immune response of the animal.

Schaffelaarbos whole egg powder is successfully used in various feeds and semi-manufactures:

  • Pet food
  • Piglet starter feed
  • Cosmetics
  • Broiler starter feed
  • Calf’s milk
  • In special feeds and additives
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Click here for the Nutrients Matrix. Product specifications and Feed Safety Data Sheet can be requested via email.       

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