Circular protein solutions

We produce circular proteins for the animal feed industry. That is our great passion. By processing residual flows into high-quality protein sources and other ingredients, we contribute to a circular and positive food system. We prevent unnecessary waste. And ensure that valuable natural ingredients remain available for the health and vitality of animals. Balanced feed with high-quality ingredients is especially important for young animals. After all, a good start ensures a healthy animal that is fit and performs well for a lifetime.


We started more than thirty years ago with the processing of egg waste flows into high-quality protein sources for animal feed. We then also started processing egg shells from residual flows into a valuable calcium source. In recent years, the range has been expanded with the drying of yeast cell walls; a residual flow from the human food sector.

The constant search for alternative natural ingredients that contribute to making animal feed more sustainable is our drive. We produce specifically for the Petfood-, Young Animal Feed- and Aquaculture markets.