More than 50 years of experience


The origin of our company lies in the Netherlands. Barneveld to be precise, the heart of the poultry sector. It was the founder’s father who started a broiler hatchery in the 60’s at a farm near the Schaffelaar’ forest (in Dutch: Schaffelaarbos).


As a result of changes in Legislation late 80’s, infertile eggs were no longer allowed to be further processed in the food industry, and became Category-3 Material. To prevent these nutrient-rich eggs from being labelled as waste, we started converting clear eggs into a high-quality protein for animal feed and build our first plant.


Expanding the production capacity made it possible to serve overseas markets. It was in the early 90’s  when the first product was loaded in containers and shipped to other continents. Today Schaffelaarbos’s products are present in 4 continents worldwide.


The use of egg powder has successfully proven itself in Europe in the past decades in the application for animal feed. A  third spray dryer was then built with the latest technological developments to be able to make a high-quality product in a sustainable way.


Due to the success of egg powder in animal feed, customers started to request egg powder delivered in bulk. As egg contains a relatively high amount of fat, the flow ability in bulk systems at some customers became a point of improvement. As an innovative company, in collaboration with customers, Schaffelaarbos,  was the first producer in the industry that started pelletizing powder into granulate with excellent flow ability characteristics as a restult.


In 2018 Intersaction, together with Mathieu Woltring, has invested in Schaffelaarbos to accelerate its expansion. Mathieu Woltring is the Managing Director and has been with various companies related to the food & feed industry. Intersaction is a Dutch family backed investor with a long term horizon and is delighted to support Schaffelaarbos as an example of a successful company in the circular economy.


These days we believe in circular protein solutions in a wider perspective. Therefore we process by-products from not only egg, but also from other residual flows into high-quality ingredients for Petfood, Young Animal Feed and Aquaculture. Together with our partners we work on a sustainable food system that brings the circular economy a step closer. This repositioning of our ambition comes with introduction of our 3 product brands; Ovolin (Egg Proteins), Calcolin (Egg Shell Calcium) and Saccolin (Functional Yeasts).


In 2022 the company has been acquired by Symrise AG. With the acqquisition Symrise takes a major strategic step in its accelerated global expansion in Pet Nutrition. In 2019, Symrise made its first step in Pet Nutrition with the acquisition of ADF/IsoNova, the reference provider of quality chicken protein and egg proteins for the US pet food industry, tapping into a new market segment. With the recent acquisition of Schaffelaarbos, Symrise is now further expanding its global presence and will take an immediate leading position in the European egg protein market, with long term access to high-quality raw materials and a customer base comprising leading pet food players.