The best for pets

Pet parents only want the very best for their 4 legged family member.  Therefore, they want to use excellent food products to keep their animals healthy and ensure a long, happy life. Schaffelaarbos offers several circular products that find their way to leading petfood manufacturers worldwide.

Dry Petfood

Our range of circular ingredients involve our well established dried egg products under the Ovolin brand. Ovolin supplies a range of egg proteins from Whole Egg, Egg parts to well-balanced egg compounds. Not to mention the functional yeasts (Saccolin) and highly digestable calcium (Calcolin).

Wet Petfood

For several challenges like jellification, nutritional targets and binding purposes, we offer solutions  that can help. We offer both nutritional and functional solutions to create healthy moist food.


Although there are many types of pet treats (biscuits, bars, cookies, kibbles, baked, extruded or semi moist, they have one thing in common; they should be tasty ánd healthy. Our range of products offers solutions that support animal wellbeing and assist in nutritional focus.

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