Functional yeasts

SACCOLIN brings all the good that yeast cell walls have to offer. The most important natural feed additives that are widely used as antibiotic replaces.

Benefits for petfood

Research shows that, adding SACCOLIN MOS to petfood has a lot of benefits:

It lowers the proliferation of (potential) pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium and E. coli

Beneficially impacts canine intestinal health, by promoting the growth of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species

augments the cell-mediated immune response and serum lipid profile without any influences on digestibility of nutrients, hindgut fermentation and antioxidants indices (with supplementation of MOS at the rate of 15 g/kg in the diet of dog)

More benefits

maximizes the natural defences of puppies. Considering that the  immune system of puppies is still immature, the supply of beta-glucans to these animals and the protection obtained, continuous inclusion of beta-glucans in puppy diets during the first months of life and until vaccine protocols are completed, is highly recommended.

Moreover, due to the action of beta-glucans on adaptive immunity mechanisms, these compounds may act in synergy with vaccines, potentiating their action.

And also…

It affects the gut microbial activity and composition in the canine gastrointestinal tract in vitro. Changes in terms of metabolic activity could be linked to specific microbial alterations at the family level, upon yeast cell wall supplementation. The generated data support a possible health promoting role of the yeast cell wall when supplemented to the dogs’ diet.