Young Animal Feed

The immune system’s perfect stimulator

The most important natural feed additives that are widely used as antibiotic replaces. SACCOLIN brings ALL THE GOOD THAT YEAST CELL WALLS HAVE TO OFFER.


Healthy animals

Research shows that, adding SACCOLIN to young animal feed has the following benefits:

improves feed conversion and fertilizer consistency

improves feed conversion and lowers diarrhea and piglet mortality

leads to statistical significant health and performance benefits both in animal trials as well as in more mechanistic, molecular biological studies

significantly improves body weight gain and feed conversion ratio (FCR) and lowers mortality rates, even reaching improvements similar to birds receiving AGP

Other benefits

Saccolin improves performance resulting in enhanced growth rate, body weight, feed intake and feed efficiency (nursery piglets immediately after weaning)

increased litter size by 0.32 piglets, improved quality and production, colostrum and piglet growth in the first 24h of life and reduced weaning to breeding (weanoestrus) period, meaning more litters born per sow.

Saccolin is as effective as antibiotics in improving fecal scores and significantly reduced fecal pathogen (E. coli or Cryptosporidium spp) counts