Young Animal Feed

Healthy and productive animals makes the difference

Livestock farmers worldwide are challenged to work efficient with a low environmentally impact. In creating a profitable and sustainable farm, healthy and productive animals makes the difference. Excellent and nutritious feed is a crucial element to realise this. We provide high-quality, and circular ingredients to feed manufactures all over the world enable them to produce the best nutritious products.

Our range of Ovolin products offer all the good properties of fresh egg in various dried forms and compositions. It contains many essential nutrients for young animals to give them the best start in live. It’s also a rich source of protein to stimulate healthy and productive farm animals.

The Calcolin products, made from eggshells, are a rich source of calcium. This is in general a very important nutrient. Especially for young animals, to give them a perfect start of their lives. But also for elderly animals such as laying hens, when the nutritional needs are changed.

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