Schaffelaarbos proud partner of In Ovo's Egg gender typing solution

The gender typing In Ovo-machine, can be seen a disruptive innovation to solve a big issue for the entire poultry sector. Each year, about 6,5 billion male chicks worldwide are culled directly after hatching because they have no economic value. This leads to growing social objections in the context of animal welfare, but until recently there were no alternatives to solve this. In Ovo has hatched the first 150.000 chicks without male chick culling which is a huge milestone after more than 10 years of research and development. The In Ovo-machine can gender type eggs in less than a second. This high-speed selection method makes it very interesting for commercial hatcheries to adopt it and prevent day-old chicks from being...


Expansion of fleet

Schaffelaarbos puts the first 3 news trucks in operations.


New product: Yeast cell walls

Schaffelaarbos has expanded the range of product to start with the sale of yeast cell walls. Yeast cell walls are particularly suitable for young animal feed to stimulate intestinal health and to develop the immune system.


Culling male chicks is coming to an end

Culling day old male chicks from layer breeds is much under debate in the western world. But a reliable solution is there. “In ovo sexing” has become reality and is as accurate as current manual sexing methods.


Addition of sales activities

Global Food Group has transferred the sales activities of its dried eggshell products (Ovocal) to Schaffelaarbos as of November 1, 2019