Symrise accelerates international expansion in Pet Nutrition through acquisition of Schaffelaarbos

Symrise AG announced that it has signed a purchase agreement for the acquisition of Schaffelaarbos, a dutch-based market leader for egg protein in pet food in the EU. With this transaction, Symrise will take a major strategic step in its accelerated global expansion in Pet Nutrition.


AgruniekRijnvallei puts pick stones of Schaffelaarbos on the market

AR (AgruniekRijnvallei) has become a dealer in the Netherlands for the pick stones from Schaffelaarbos. AR markets this pickstone under the name AR Calcopiksteen. AR Calcopiksteen is a chicken derivative made from eggshells.


Calcolin introduces ultimate Circular PickStones made of Dried Egg Shells

Calcolin PickStone is the circular distraction material to prevent feather pecking. Produced from dried egg shells which come available as side stream of egg breaking plants and production of Ovolin Dried Egg products.


Schaffelaarbos signs joint venture for new factory in Turkey

*** PRESS RELEASE *** Schaffelaarbos, one of the leading European producers of circular (egg) proteins for the animal feed industry, has signed a joint venture agreement with Yuniko AS to establish a new production facility in Turkey.


The Dutch House of Representatives wants to ban the killing of day-old chicks

The Dutch House of Representatives wants the killing of day-old chicks to be banned. On Tuesday 15 June, a majority of the House of Representatives supported a motion on this.


2,6% more Grade-A eggs after feeding laying hens with dried egg shells

In collaboration with AgruniekRijnvallei (a major Dutch Feed producer), a 100-weeks during feeding trail was completed recently in which the effect of dried egg shells (Calcolin DES) in laying hen feed on egg quality was studied.


Schaffelaarbos partners with Agri Advanched Technologies GmbH (AAT)

Schaffelaarbos partners with the German company AAT GmbH, a company that developed an optical method for in ovo sex determination.


Schaffelaarbos proud partner of In Ovo's Egg gender typing solution

Schaffelaarbos is proud to announce to be a partner of In Ovo, a Dutch Company that has developed a solution to gender type eggs. With this unique method, it’s possible to bring culling day-old male chicks to an end.


Expansion of fleet

Schaffelaarbos continuously grows with (new) partners, suppliers as well as customers. In order to keep them served at the highest level, the first 3 of a total of 5 new trucks have put into operation. In short time our state of the art fleet will also welcome additional trailers, tankers and silo trailers.


New product: Yeast cell walls

Schaffelaarbos has expanded the range of product to start with the sale of dried yeast cell walls. Yeast cell walls are particularly suitable for young animal feed to stimulate intestinal health and to develop the immune system.


Culling male chicks is coming to an end

Culling day old male chicks from layer breeds is much under debate in the western world. But a reliable solution is there. “In ovo sexing” has become reality and is as accurate as current manual sexing methods.


Addition of sales activities

Global Food Group has transferred the sales activities of its dried eggshell products (Ovocal) to Schaffelaarbos as of November 1, 2019