AgruniekRijnvallei puts pick stones of Schaffelaarbos on the market

AR (AgruniekRijnvallei) has become a dealer in the Netherlands for the pick stones from Schaffelaarbos. AR markets this pickstone under the name AR Calcopiksteen. AR Calcopiksteen is a chicken derivative made from eggshells.

In addition to the positive effect on behaviour, the pickstone also adds nutrients. The pickstone consists for the most part of dried eggshells. The eggshells come from breaking plants and have an interesting nutritional profile. The pick stone is safe to use. It is registered as a supplementary feed with GMP+ and SecureFeed.

Best in the test

Over the past six months, AR has tested various pick stones at the Poultry Innovation Lab in Barneveld (part of the Aeres training center, formerly PTC+) and at practical companies. The study was conducted on both white and brown hens. The pick stones were weighed every week and the behavior of the chickens was observed. Schaffelaarbos’ pick stone emerged as the best in the tests. Johan Schuttert, AR commercial director: “This pick stone scored well in all areas. The pecking stone has the ideal hardness and the hens like to pick at it.”


AR is going to market the pick stones from Schaffelaarbos under the name AR Calcopiksteen. Johan Schuttert: “We have been using Schaffelaarbos products in our feed for some time to our full satisfaction. We are very pleased that we can now expand our cooperation and market the pick stone for Schaffelaarbos in the Netherlands. We have national coverage via ARwebshop.nl and we can deliver within two working days. We have every confidence in it!”

Circular feed material

Schaffelaarbos processes residual flows from eggs and eggshells in a circular manner. Besides drying liquid egg, it also dries eggshells. These dried eggshells are already being used in poultry feed for a stronger eggshell. Recently, pecking stones have also been made from it. Mathieu Woltring van Schaffelaarbos: “It is crucial to avoid food waste as much as possible. That is primarily our role in the supply chain. By further expanding our activities with the marketing of pick stones, we contribute to circular agriculture.”


The AR Calcopiksteen can be ordered directly from AR. Non-AR customers can easily order the pickstones via ARwebshop.nl. This webshop offers general cargo products for poultry, pigs, cattle and sheep, among others. The pick stones are delivered within 2 working days and delivered free of charge at home from 300 kg.

About AR

AR (AgruniekRijnvallei) is an active agricultural and horticultural cooperative with livestock farmers, arable farmers and fruit growers as members. AR supplies and produces conventional and organic feeds for all livestock sectors. In addition, AR supplies quality products for the plant-based sector, provides consultancy services and owns three brands of horse feed. AR operates nine Welkoop stores and has storage and transhipment companies in Doetinchem, Wageningen and Lienden. The head office is located in Wageningen.