Calcolin introduces ultimate Circular PickStones made of Dried Egg Shells

Calcolin PickStone is the circular distraction material to prevent feather pecking. Produced from dried egg shells which come available as side stream of egg breaking plants and production of Ovolin Dried Egg products.

The optimally balanced feed and current environment are often not sufficient to satisfy the animals’ need for activities during forage and feed intake. This leads to restlessness in the barn and misguided pecking activities.

Restlessness, plumage damage and injuries or even cannibalism are commonly the result. Distraction materials, like Calcolin PickStone are intended to give the animals the opportunity to live out their natural behavior. Such activity materials have an effect when the treatment of the beaks is given up.

Calcolin PickStones provide laying hens, turkeys and broilers from the first day of life, the possibility and the incentive to deal with the material. They work on it by picking and wearing out the beak tip in a natural way.

When using Calcolin Pickstones, stress-triggering interactions between the animals can be avoided and the risk of feather pecking can be minimized. It also helps to calm the animals.

Calcolin PickStones are also an added, individually accessible source of calcium. This is particularly important in the evening hours when filling the calcium storages for egg formation at night.