Schaffelaarbos partners with Agri Advanched Technologies GmbH (AAT)

Schaffelaarbos partners with the German company AAT GmbH, a company that developed an optical method for in ovo sex determination. The non-invasive method uses sex-specific plumage colors which are reflected in spectra recorded by a hyperspectral camera to identify the sex in the hatching egg in the second third of incubation with an accuracy of over 95%. The German company AAT offers a non-invasive in ovo sexing method with respectfull treatment of sorting out male embryos. Schaffelaarbos will further process these eggs into Dried Egg Proteins for the Animal Feed Market.

With this fast and cost-efficient measurement method each so-called CHEGGY machine can sort about 20,000 eggs per hour. This means CHEGGY can easily cope with the high volumes of modern hatcheries. Currently, AAT is already on the European market with the CHEGGY technique in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

These eggs are transferred from the CHEGGY directly to the so-called STUNNY unit, where they are stunned with an electrical impulse before embryonic development is terminated. The male embryos become then Category-3 Egg by-product for further use in accordance with EC Regulation 1069/2009. At this point Schaffelaarbos takes its role in the supply chain, by further processing these eggs into high-quality Dried Egg Proteins for Petfood, (Young-) Animal Feed and Aquaculture.