Schaffelaarbos proud partner of In Ovo’s Egg gender typing solution

Schaffelaarbos is proud to announce to be a partner of In Ovo, a Dutch Company that has developed a solution to gender type eggs. With this unique method, it’s possible to bring culling day-old male chicks to an end. The selected ‘male eggs’ can be used as a valuable and circular ingredient in animal feed applications.

The gender typing In Ovo-machine, can be seen a disruptive innovation to solve a big issue for the entire poultry sector. Each year, about 6,5 billion male chicks worldwide are culled directly after hatching because they have no economic value. This leads to growing social objections in the context of animal welfare, but until recently there were no alternatives to solve this. In Ovo has hatched the first 150.000 chicks without male chick culling which is a huge milestone after more than 10 years of research and development. The In Ovo-machine can gender type eggs in less than a second. This high-speed selection method makes it very interesting for commercial hatcheries to adopt it and prevent day-old chicks from being culled.

These selected male eggs can be used as a valuable and circular ingredient in animal feed. This is where our role starts in the supply chain. We produce circular proteins for the animal feed industry. By processing residual flows into high-quality protein sources and other ingredients, we contribute to a circular and positive food system. We prevent unnecessary waste and ensure that valuable natural ingredients remain available for the health and vitality of farm animals and pets. We have already more than a year of experience in collecting and processing comparable ‘no culling chick eggs’ into circular protein solutions and are ready to scale up this sustainable flow.