Schaffelaarbos signs joint venture for new factory in Turkey

*** PRESS RELEASE *** Schaffelaarbos, one of the leading European producers of circular (egg) proteins for the animal feed industry, has signed a joint venture agreement with Yuniko AS to establish a new production facility in Turkey. With the investment of around € 15 million Schaffelaarbos aims to accelerate its international growth. Turkey has a large poultry industry (top-10 in the world) generating many opportunities for circular protein streams. Schaffelaarbos expects to start producing in Turkey end of 2022.

The factory in Turkey is being built on a site of 10,000m2 at the new industrial zone of the central Turkish city of Emirdağ Afyon. This region is centrally located in the rural heart of the country making it an ideal location for obtaining high volumes of animal (mainly egg) proteins which can be used optimally for the fast-growing international demand. The Turkish poultry industry ranks amongst the top-10 in the world. The new facility will employ at least 60 employees.

The new factory in Turkey will produce egg powder from liquid eggs using the brand name Ovolin. The Ovolin product offers all the good properties of fresh egg in various dried forms and compositions. Thanks to the high levels of immunoglobulins, natural antioxidants and nutrients, the Ovolin products range contributes optimally to the health and welfare of pets.

Mathieu Woltring, Managing Director of Schaffelaarbos comments: “The world population grows fast and food availability is under pressure in an increasing number of countries. Avoiding food waste as much as possible is crucial as is nutritious food and feed. That is primarily our role in the supply chain. By expanding our production capacity with the new plant in Turkey we want to help a part of the Turkish animal protein industry to be more circular and use rest streams from eggs to begin with.”
Metin Akman, Chairman of Yuniko explains: “The joint venture will exploit market opportunities in Turkey with norms and values of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and green deal. Producing added values products in circular economy concepts will empower Turkish egg products exports and substitutes protein imports in feed at the same time. Diversifying egg products with longer shelf lives will increase supply and demand elasticity in market place. This will help price stability in egg markets and protect farmers from price volatilities. The technology and knowhow which Schaffelaarbos developed will be essential in achieving these goals”.
The current plant in Barneveld, the Netherlands will remain in operation and will increase its capacity gradually in the coming years. By expanding the production capacity in Barneveld Schaffelaarbos continues to be more circular in the European animal protein industry, from eggs to begin with.

Schaffelaarbos located in Barneveld (the Netherlands) produces circular proteins for the animal feed industry. By processing residual flows into high-quality protein sources and other ingredients Schaffelaarbos contributes to a circular food system preventing unnecessary waste. Its products ensure that valuable natural ingredients remain available and contribute to balanced feed with high-quality ingredients.

Schaffelaarbos started more than thirty years ago with the processing of egg waste flows into high-quality protein sources for animal feed. In recent years, the range has expanded with the drying of yeast cell walls, a residual flow from the human food sector.

The main drive of Schaffelaarbos is the constant search for alternative natural ingredients that contribute to making animal feed more sustainable. The company produces for the petfood-, young animal feed- and aquaculture markets.

Yuniko AS was established as sister company of Anako AS who is mainly producing food grade egg and egg products since 2006 in the industrial zone of Konya, Turkey. Anako is a leading egg products producer in Turkey with wide range of products and has an ambition to further growth with Yuniko AS in feed grade circular proteins in dried egg forms.

Anako & Yuniko will have a stronger position in supply of eggs which will regulate egg markets and will serve new opportunities in market place.

We believe in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for sustainability, circular economy principles and will continue to invest in most sustainable animal protein, egg and egg products in food, pharma and feed industries, step by step.

For further information:

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